About Crystal River Outfitters


  • Bill Ivy: (262) 654-4112
  • Mark King: (662) 820-5730
  • Karl Vandersanden: (715) 370-8743
  • James Breland: (985)386-4697
  • Tom Moleski: (574) 320-5021
  • John Randle: (713) 515-8512

  • If bugling bulls, massive mullies and picturesque aspen forests sounds like a great hunting experience, then we are the outfitter for your next Colorado elk or mule deer hunt. 
    We offer first class service to the hunting public on over 10,000 private acres. 

    Crystal River Ranch is located 20 miles east of Glenwood Springs, CO. 

    Our hunting lodge is a comfortable new cabin which easily sleep 12 hunters, with all the accomodations of home. We use a professional caterer, for our food service, making your meals second to none. 

    After a hearty breakfast your guide will take you and a partner in a 4-wheel drive vehicle to your hunting area. From this place you will then locate and stalk either a nice bull elk or giant mullie, whichever you choose to hunt for that morning. You will be able to hunt in diverse areas, from aspen groves to dark timber to open meadows. 

    After you have taken your trophies they will be cared for by your experienced guide in a very professional manner. We use a local meat processor and taxidermy studio if you would like to take advantage. 

    Our success rates on the Crystal River Ranch have been very good in the past 9 years due to the limited use of the ranch. We only use the ranch for guided rifle seasons so our hunters are the only people to hunt the property that year. We have averaged above 80% on elk and 90% on mule deer.
  • Guides 
    Our experienced guides are some of the best in the business. Our guides are all hunters themselves, and have often been referred to as people who "eat sleep and breathe hunting." Between the 4 main guides that we use, we have over 80 years of hunting experience. Even though we have not all been guiding for that long, we have shared the love for our sport for countless years. I can assure you that during hunting season, if we are not guiding you on your hunt, we are out hunting for ourselves.
  • Crystal River Ranch Accommodations 
    The lodge is located in the lower elevation of the ranch. The 1500 sq./ft lodge comfortably sleeps 12 hunters. The road to the lodge is relatively flat, and easily accessible with a vehicle. The lodge has a kitchen, living room, 4 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms with a shower. There is also satellite TV for you World Series and fall football fans. A wood burning stove heats the lodge, and a generator supplies the power. Our lodge features all the conveniences of home, on your next western hunting adventure. 

  • Sample Day 
    Your hunting adventure will begin at around an hour and a half before sunrise. We will get you out of bed and serve you a hot breakfast before you head out to the woods, with your experienced guide in his 4 -wheel drive vehicle. We have an abundant spread of lunch items, which you can feel free to take with you to the field. If you and your guide decide to come back to the lodge for lunch, there will be a hot meal prepared for you by our chef. 

    Once you are in the field for the morning, you will either decide with your guide weather to hunt for a trophy elk, or monster mule deer. We have a lot of options on where to go depending on your taste of what animal and what terrain you would like to hunt in. Once your trophy is down, your experienced guide will field dress and quarter your animal for processing. Your guide will then pack your animal to the closest pick up spot. We have a few options for processing the meat, depending on the weather, and the amount of time you have left before you are scheduled to leave. 

    After a good day in the field we all meet back at the lodge where you can take a shower, and even watch a ball game on the satellite TV. Your dinner will be prepared by our experienced chef, and feel free to eat as much as you can {there are always leftovers}! 

    If this sounds like an exciting western hunting experience, give us a call to book your reservation today.